Premier wallet for the Everscale blockchain

Fast transactions with minimal fees and access to the DApps ecosystem in one application on any device

Install Chrome Extention
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Fast and easy access to your assets

  • Available on all devices

    iOS, Android, Chrome and Mozilla Extension

  • Multisignature wallet

    Use multiple private keys to sign transactions

  • Rocket fast

    Transactions take just a few seconds

  • Minimal fees

    A small fee is charged for processing transactions, regardless of their size

  • Secure and private

    Only you can access your wallet. We do not collect any personal information.

  • Part of the ecosystem

    Connected to all products in the Everscale ecosystem: OctusBridge, FlatQube, and more

For developers - Everscale inpage provider

Web3-like interface for Everscale provided by the EVER Wallet browser extension. An approximate list of methods that you can work with:

  • Packing/unpacking of cells
  • Decoding of transactions/events/messages
  • Local execution of messages
  • Sending internal/external messages
  • Subscription to the contract state/transactions
  • And more

Take full advantage of the Everscale ecosystem


A decentralized AMM-exchange that takes the best of popular applications, such as Uniswap, and implements them in the Everscale blockchain.

With DEX, you can enjoy the following:

– Easy and fast exchange of your tokens from one asset to another

– Participation in liquidity pools to generate income from trading operations

– Participation in our farming programs – bet your LP tokens to earn WEVER as a reward!

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Octus Bridge

The Everescale Bridge is a multi-network, second-layer solution that links the Everscale blockchain with that of Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain and more.

The Bridge fulfills a key function by giving users the opportunity to transfer their assets from a first-layer chain, where transactions are slow and costly, to a newer chain with better scaling capabilities and close to zero fees on transactions.

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Wrapped EVER

Since the DEX based on Everscale implements the exchange of tokens between users through smart contracts, the tokens involved in the exchange must comply with a single standard. Only then will the exchange of tokens take place correctly and without losses. Therefore, we need a WEVER token that meets the TIP-3.1 standard.

With WEVER you can either exchange EVER for WEVER, or perform a reverse operation in just a couple of clicks!


Get started!

  1. Install the wallet
  2. Save and secure your seed phrase
  3. You’re ready to go!


Where to buy EVER?

Here are 4 ways to get EVER on your wallet.

  • You can purchase EVER on exchanges where it is available and then withdraw them to your EVER Wallet address
  • The second way is to transfer your tokens from another network (Ethereum, BNB, Fantom Opera and Polygon) to Everscale using the Octus Bridge cross-chain transfer interface. At the stage of choosing a token and amount to transfer you can convert a part of sent tokens into a EVER to pay a commission for this transfer and subsequent wallet deployment.
  • Profitably exchange your ERC-20 tokens for EVER with

Manage your Assets

By default when you open your wallet, only EVER will be visible. You might need to select additional assets to display.

Seed phrase, keys and accounts

EVER Wallet has a very convenient seed phrase, keys and accounts management structure. You can freely add them to your EVER Wallet for further use.

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Still have questions? Check out our manual or head to our telegram chat